MAX10 development board

I was thinking about the new development board in 2015. That year, on market, appears new MAX10 FPGA's. I bought them, but I didn't use since that time.

First I thought about numerous toys on it: Ethernet, HDMI, USB, SDRAM... But soon I realize that I don't have enough FPGA legs to control it all. Single SDRAM occupies almost half of them. Plus to this, I had never made so big PCB's. I was confused by the configuration legs of FPGA and didn't want to solve the potential problems on PCB with extra wires. So I steal schematics in the Marsohod project. I had changed a bit and it works. In addition to this, I can use their projects with my board.

Basically, the board contains SDRAM (8 MB), build-in programmer and fast connection with USB, header for Chinese DSP module (ADC+DAC) and few buttons with LEDs.

If compare with my previous board its really cool: fewer wires, a faster load of a program from the computer, but it takes a while to compile because it has a bigger crystal.

I'm going to learn DSP and this board will be quite useful for me.

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